Grant Submissions for Regional Councils

Grant Submissions for Regional Councils
Regional NSW Councils

Project Summary:

Local councils in regional NSW have access to State Government financial grants to fund or partially fund significant projects that benefit the community. These range from upgrading playgrounds and parks, to new infrastructure such as roads, bridges and property assets. Often with these projects time is in short supply. In order to capitlise on the opportunities available through these grants, Projence offers an outsource option – employing the assistance of professional grant writers to help secure the funding required. Our team has worked with a host of regional NSW councils including Moree, Gunnedah, and Narromine to achieve successful grant applications.

Services Provided:

  • Create business cases for bright ideas
  • Conduct research and develop methodologies to support or oppose arguments
  • Demonstrate a council’s capacity to deliver through development of project management plan, procurement management plans and community engagement plans
  • Implementing or supplementing a project management system
  • Present cost benefit analysis of projects
  • Develop concept designs and project cost estimates Drafting of the submission in accordance with the published funding criteria


Timeframe and deadline can sometimes be a challenge in these projects. However, Projence has always maintained a high regard for urgency and deadlines – ensuring no submission was ever missed. There can also be controversies surrounding significant local council projects. When these do arise – we don’t just sit on the sidelines. Our team will often embed ourselves into the communities we are serving to gain empathy for the public and truly understand sentiment.


Projence provided input on or led the successful grant submissions for road, rail, land development, and social infrastructure projects throughout regional NSW.