Tweed River Entrance – Sand Bypassing

Sand Bypassing
Department of Primary Industry and Environment

Project Summary:

Projence worked with the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to review the operations of a facility responsible for pumping sand from the New South Wales side to the Queensland side of the Tweed River. The facility’s purpose is to sustain sand on the southern Gold Coast beaches and reduce slitting up of the Tweed River mouth. The facility operates under a commercial framework that will expire in the near future and the NSW Government wanted to develop an understanding of all defects. Projence was engaged to provide a detailed understanding of the facility and to ensure adequate safeguards and controls were in place to maintain ongoing success and sustainability of operations.

Services Provided:

  • On-site inspections and assessments of current maintenance practices undertaken by the operating contractor
  • Completion of a Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) on the critical infrastructure with attendees from various key stakeholder groups
  • Data collection for the purposes of an asset condition assessment
  • Analysis of key equipment and development of critical spare list
  • Review of dredging works and recommendations for improvement
  • Systematic assessment reports for the DPI with an overall findings and recommendations report


There was a possibility the incumbent contractor may have been reluctant to cooperate, however the Projence team were able to develop a positive working relationship with them, resulting in successful and professional workflow.


Projence completed the reviews and assessments on time providing practical advice to Government to support their future decision making.